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whistleblower lawyer

Exposing Corruption: The Work Of A Whistleblower Lawyer

Whistleblower Lawyer You’ve probably heard the term whistleblower before, and you might even know what it means. After all, if someone in your company or organization is stealing money, files, or sensitive information, it makes sense that the people who catch them should be applauded. And if they bring this information to the authorities? That’s

business litigation lawyer

Under Armour And UCLA Settle Apparel Sponsorship Deal

Business Litigation Lawyer Under Armour announced that it has reached an agreement with UCLA, ending the ongoing legal battle over the school’s decision to back out of its apparel sponsorship deal with the athletic wear brand, ESPN reported Monday. The Maryland-based company sued UCLA in February after the University of California Los Angeles backed out

Silver Spring Business Litigation Lawyer

How To Navigate Workplace Discrimination Cases

Employment Litigation Lawyer As we age, our bodies change and we may find that it becomes harder to do the things we did easily before, such as running up the stairs or reaching to grab something from the top shelf of the closet. As these physical changes progress, some people may experience discrimination at work

whistleblower lawyer

The Role Of Whistleblower Lawyers In Exposing Fraud

Whistleblower Lawyer The term whistleblower refers to an employee who has information regarding some kind of wrongdoing in the workplace. Rather than keeping it to themselves, the whistleblower reports it to someone who can act on the information and prevent further harm to the company, or take action against those who are doing wrong by

business lawyer

Unexpected Times You Need A Business Lawyer

Business Lawyer Business owners understand the importance of having a general business lawyer on their side, someone who can advise them of potential legal pitfalls and help solve potential problems before they arise. However, many small businesses don’t realize that they may need an attorney well before they need to defend themselves in court or

Employment Litigation Lawyer

Times You Need An Employment Litigation Lawyer

Employment Litigation Lawyer If you’re an employee and feel that your rights are being violated, you might want to consider hiring a lawyer who specializes in employment litigation. But what sort of situation requires this kind of lawyer? In this post, we look at five situations where you should hire an employment litigation lawyer in