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employment litigation lawyer Silver Spring, MD

Employment Litigation Lawyer Silver Spring, MD

While our jobs should not define who we are, they can give us a sense of self-worth. So if you are being treated unfairly, discriminated against, or harassed at your workplace, you would understandably be upset. No one deserves to go into work worried about their rights being violated. Coworkers and supervisors cannot act in anger, frustration, or retaliation against a worker. Despite the hostile work environment that many workplaces have, this doesn’t mean that it should be the norm and accepted. If you have been subjected to unlawful treatment in the workplace, please consider taking action so no further incident can occur. You may be owed compensation as well for the strife you have experienced. Contact Eric Siegel Law today for more information. Our Silver Spring, MD employment litigation lawyer is ready to speak with you. 

How Employees Are Protected

As an employee, you have certain rights at the state, federal, and local level. Employee rights may be different depending on the number of employees at the company and if the employer is a local, private, or state government agency, employment agency, federal agency, or labor union. Employees are protected from discrimination and must be provided proper breaks and lunch periods. An example of this would be if a worker works more than four hours, but six or less consecutive hours, no break is necessary. However, if an employee works for four to six consecutive hours, they can have a fifteen minute break. Those who work for more than six consistent hours are entitled to having a half hour break. Employees who work for eight or more consecutive hours can have a half hour break and a fifteen minute break for every four additional consistent hours of work. If your employer tells you something besides this, they could be in violation of your worker rights. As our knowledgeable employment litigation attorney explains, employees are also protected against being treated adversely due to their personal characteristics, such as race, nationality, gender, religion, age, disability, and genetic information. Employees must also be given fair opportunities, fair wage for minimum rates and overtime, and safeguarded from harassment based on their protected class. Ultimately, if you have been treated unlawfully in your workplace, now is the time to take action so no further events occur. Let us intervene to protect you. 

Eric Siegel Law

If you have experienced unlawful treatment in the workplace, now is the time to speak out against it. Unfortunately, employers are usually concerned about their profits and operations, and may be knowingly or unintentionally violating your protections. Our MD employment litigation attorney has seen how people can be treated unfairly in the workplace. A work environment should be supportive, collaborative, and be inclusive to people of all backgrounds and perspectives. If you suspect that your rights have been violated, we urge you to contact us at Eric Siegel Law so we can set things right. We hope to help you today if you are ready for support. Reach out now for a consultation and advice on how to proceed. 


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