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Businesses and individuals enter into contracts on a daily basis – to make money, increase reputation, provide a better service or product than a competitor, and to forge relationships to produce success, financial or otherwise. Contracts are in place to govern the parties’ business relationship. Business, however, is not conducted in a vacuum; commerce occurs when other businesses or consumers participate.

What could go WRONG:

The parties to the contract have a disagreement over the running of the business or decisions that need to be made to grow it. In many cases, the contract terms resolve those disputes with clear language. Unfortunately, some contracts fall short either by not addressing the given problem or by offering ambiguous language that entrenches each party’s position. These deficiencies escalate the conflict, potentially leaving many issues, questions and answers unresolved:


I have encountered these situations many times, both as a businessperson and as a lawyer representing businesses and owners. An injured client has recourse for a business relationship gone wrong or where a breaching party or third party has caused injury. Frequently asserted common law claims may include:

In addition to common law claims, there may be available statutory claims to protect businesses, creditors and clients from harm, depending on the circumstances. Examples of such statutory claims include:

The Right Choice begins with exploring what claims you may have, and how you can best resolve them.

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