Commercial Litigation Lawyer Washington, D.C.

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Washington, D.C.

Legal disputes are common in the business world. They even find their way into your personal life. These disputes may require formal legal intervention to resolve. The advice and assistance of a well-trained, experienced commercial litigation lawyer Washington, D.C. can prove invaluable to reaching the most favorable resolution. The business litigation lawyers at Eric Siegel Law provide strong, committed, and highly effective representation in the resolution of commercial legal disputes. 

Many disputes arise over ambiguities and disagreements. If you find yourself in need of commercial litigation, you must take swift legal action to protect the interests of yourself, your colleagues, your staff, your customers, and your business. Eric Siegel Law’s commercial litigation lawyers can intervene on your behalf, providing you peace of mind and working to resolve all aspects of your issue. 

Business Legal Disputes

Clients hire Eric Siegel Law when they need trial lawyers. We handle complex business disputes in courts and arbitrations throughout the United States and abroad. We litigate legal matters in almost every imaginable industry, including energy, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunication, retail and consumer, and natural resources. Business legal disputes may arise in many different areas, including:

Comprehensive Contract Review

One of the most critical things you can do to protect yourself from future disputes is to have a commercial litigation lawyer Washington, D.C. review all contracts before they are used or signed. Contracts include agreements such as:

Small and subtle changes in contract language can make significant differences when disputes arise. Instead of being another expense, the cost of a contract review could save you considerable money and aggravation should a future dispute arise.

We can help with both contract review and commercial litigation. We can review and assess your contract’s terms with a keen eye for potential areas of conflict. We’ll also draft, review, and litigate your contract, striving to avoid any potential problem areas. 

In many cases, resolving ambiguity in a contract becomes quite complicated. It is critical to understand the necessary steps that are required by state and federal law to attempt to reach an equitable resolution. At Eric Siegel Law, we are familiar with how the courts interpret various contract provisions in the Washington, D.C. area, and can counsel you on these types of clauses. Furthermore, we can help you identify and highlight any provisions that are particularly relevant for you to have in your business or corporate contracts.

Resolving the Issue

Once it is established that a genuine contract ambiguity exists, the first step towards resolving the issue requires a comprehensive review of the contract’s language. This means that courts only look at the contract itself during this part of the review process. Whenever possible, the law encourages ambiguities to be resolved without considering outside information.

The courts look at the language and broader meaning of the contract. The review process often starts small. First, the actual sentences that contain the ambiguity are reviewed. Then, the relevant paragraphs, the specific section of the contract, and the entire contract, and finally, any documents cited within the contract are reviewed. The goal is to determine the parties’ true intentions by using as narrow an interpretation as possible.

External Information

A commercial litigation lawyer in Washington, D.C. knows it is not always possible to resolve business contract ambiguities by sticking to the contract’s language. If the issue remains after a review of the entire document, external evidence may come into play. This type of evidence is known as ‘parol evidence.’ Essentially, it includes anything outside of the contract language that could be useful in determining the parties’ true intentions. For example, it may consist of testimony about statements that were made during a negotiation meeting.

Determining Fault for the Ambiguity

Finally, some contract ambiguities cannot be resolved by finding the parties’ true intentions. In some cases, ambiguities are just inherent within the contract. Both parties merely had a reasonable, and good faith, misunderstanding about the meaning of contract terms. If a dispute reaches this point, the party deemed ‘at fault’ for the ambiguity will bear the blame. 

This usually means that the ambiguity will be construed against the party that drafted that contract section. This is why it is so critical to ensure that all of your essential business contracts are prepared and reviewed by an experienced Washington, D.C. commercial litigation lawyer. Ultimately, the best way to resolve contract ambiguities is to catch them in the drafting process before the contract is finalized. 

Contact Eric Siegel Law When You Need Legal Help

At Eric Siegel Law, we understand that not every matter should and does go to the courtroom. When necessary, our trial experience and capability provide the perspective to map a winning strategy even before litigation is filed. We aim to obtain the most favorable results when litigation goes the distance and is resolved at trial. 

Our commercial litigation attorneys are complex problem solvers with an outstanding track record of helping clients like you reach the outcome that best meets their business goals. Our commercial litigation attorneys take the time to analyze your case, advise you on your options, and devise a strategy geared toward success. Whatever approach your case needs, count on Eric Siegel Law to deliver knowledgeable, effective advice and representation.

If your business is involved in commercial litigation or a dispute over ambiguous contract terms, contact Eric Siegel Law to schedule a confidential consultation with a commercial litigation lawyer Washington, D.C. to discuss your legal options. Call our office today.

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