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If you have witnessed illegal activity being done by an employer or employee, you can count on a whistleblower lawyer who serves Washington, DC residents to provide their full legal support. These unique situations put individuals in a difficult position, and in many cases, they can lead to serious consequences. However, whistleblowers are granted rights under the law that they are allowed to exercise. When you are seeking specialized legal services to depend on after reporting such activities, you can depend on a trusted and highly qualified legal professional to help you. 

Whistleblower Lawyer in Washington, DC

Handling a whistleblower case on your own comes with risks. With such an incredibly difficult type of legal case, you should explore your legal options and get the necessary help you need. The accomplished and qualified team at Eric Siegel Law is highly familiar with whistleblower cases. With their decades of experience, they have provided legal counsel for many clients who have reported or witnessed illegal activity in their workplace by a manager or fellow employee. Request legal assistance from a lawyer who can provide you with personalized legal advice. 

Benefits of Hiring a Whistleblower Lawyer

There are numerous advantages to hiring a whistleblower lawyer who provides services to Washington, DC residents. It is crucial to understand your rights as a whistleblower, and a lawyer can help you understand them. They can explain to you the information that you need to know, and can develop a strategy so that you can obtain positive case results. If there are damages that you can recover, a whistleblower lawyer in Washington, DC like one at Eric Siegel Law can help you obtain them. You do not need to go through the stress of a whistleblower case alone and can count on a lawyer to be at your side. 

Whistleblower Case Examples

There are many types of scenarios that whistleblowers can get involved in. Any criminal offense committed by an individual, organization, or government entity can be reported by a whistleblower. Because these cases often involve large companies, governmental bodies, or organizations, they are usually highly complex and intricate. Whistleblower lawyers deal with many types of cases, which includes the following types of activities:

Protection Against Retaliation 

The main concern that many whistleblowers often report to lawyers is the fear of retaliation. They are worried that their employer or the organization that they reported will find out what they have done and retaliate against them through a penalty or other serious consequences. Fortunately, it is illegal to retaliate against whistleblowers. A lawyer will ensure that you have the protection you need to move forward in the process. 

Legal Assistance is Available 

If you are a whistleblower and are in need of legal help, don’t wait to contact a qualified lawyer. They can help you understand your legal rights and protect you against any retaliatory action. However, you need to take action quickly as there is limited time to work on your case. For more information about how you can benefit from hiring a whistleblower lawyer Washington, DC residents rely on, schedule a consultation right away.  

Managing Retaliation for Blowing the Whistle

As a whistleblower lawyer, Washington DC employees recommend will share, the act of coming forward and exposing wrongdoing on the part of a company is a heroic act. However, despite this, whistleblowers often experience backlash from taking action in reporting abuse and corruption. Unfortunately, although illegal, retaliation after a whistleblower engages in an employee-protected act is quite common. Victims of retaliation can face consequences as a result, but it’s essential to know that it may be possible to seek legal recourse with help from Eric Siegel Law. Victims may receive compensation for the damages they have experienced as a result of workplace retaliation. To ensure a clear understanding of the options, contact our firm as soon as possible. 

Whistleblower Protections

Understanding whistleblower protections can be overwhelming and complicated because different protections and incentives are in place depending upon the grievance and the industry sector. While there are several laws in place, the most prominent is The False Claims Act (FCA) which includes the qui tam provision, which allows individuals or non-governmental entities to file a lawsuit on behalf of the U.S. Government. In addition, whistleblowers can receive rewards for making disclosures regarding missteps that resulted in a loss to the U.S. Government. In addition, whistleblowers are also protected from retaliation because this type of behavior is illegal. Employees may experience job loss, poor treatment, demotions, negative performance reviews, etc. Because of this, it’s possible to have a clear plan in place with help from a Washington DC, whistleblower lawyer. 

Steps to Take After Retaliation

While, at times, retaliation can be blatant, there are also subtleties to this type of treatment. It’s essential to take the proper steps as quickly as possible to safeguard the case. In addition to working with an experienced lawyer, it will take gathering evidence to support the claim to ensure the best possible outcome. Victims of retaliation after whistleblowing should:

Retaliation can not only impact victims emotionally, but it can also have a financial impact on them if they have experienced job loss, pay cuts, demotions, or reduced hours. Because of this, it may be possible to pursue a legal case against the employer for damages that encompass loss of pay, emotional damages, and more. 

When to Contact a Lawyer

Exposing illegal acts that an employer is engaging in is a protected activity. It is an employee’s legal right to come forward and take action. However, in doing so, employees may become victims of retaliation. Retaliation is significantly impactful, and when this type of behavior is present, it’s essential to seek guidance from a lawyer. It’s recommended that employees speak with lawyers from the beginning to ensure that they receive the protection they deserve. Working with a lawyer can not only guide you during a tough and challenging time, but they can also assist in building a case against the party responsible for the retaliation. 

Whistleblowing is an act that can be incredibly challenging to do, and while there are systems in place to protect employees who come forward, they are still at risk of facing consequences that they shouldn’t have to. While retaliation is not something any employer should engage in, it’s still a common occurrence. To learn more about our Washington DC whistleblower lawyer and the support, Eric Siegel Law offers, call our office as soon as possible. 



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