Whistleblower Retaliation Claim Lawyer Washington DCWhistleblower Retaliation Claim Lawyer Washington DC


There may be situations where you, as an employee, observe or discover wrongdoing by managers or others working for your employer. Those violations of law, or efforts to defraud investors or the state or federal government, are serious and costly.

What could go WRONG:

You lose your job or are otherwise subjected to an adverse employment action over your doing the right thing and bringing the issue to the attention of your employer or governmental authorities to remedy.


You have rights as a whistleblower.

You have the right not to be retaliated against for exposing illegalities. There are many federal and state statutes that may apply, depending on who your employer is and what industry is the subject matter. The following is a partial list of pertinent statutes:

I have been privileged to represent courageous whistleblowers who seek justice and compensation for being subjected to retaliation for exposing corporate and governmental wrongdoing. While the nature of your employer will likely dictate what laws may apply to your situation, the Right Choice entails a thorough review of your situation to determine the appropriate laws under which you may receive remedies.

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