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Whistleblower Lawyer

The term whistleblower refers to an employee who has information regarding some kind of wrongdoing in the workplace. Rather than keeping it to themselves, the whistleblower reports it to someone who can act on the information and prevent further harm to the company, or take action against those who are doing wrong by their employer or co-workers. Whistleblowers sometimes find themselves in difficult situations due to their need to protect the identity of others involved, so having legal representation like a whistleblower lawyer Washington, DC clients trust that knows how to protect them is essential — especially because laws are always changing, as could potentially happen with a whistleblower case currently on the docket at the Supreme Court.

Latest Whistleblower Case

A whistleblower lawyer’s job is to help people who have witnessed fraud or other wrongdoing expose it. In the most recent case before the Supreme Court, the government is trying to limit the ability of whistleblowers to bring suits under the False Claims Act. This act allows private citizens to sue on behalf of the government to recover damages for fraud. The Supreme Court’s decision in this case could have a major impact on the ability of whistleblowers to expose fraud and hold wrongdoers accountable. If Congress changes the law, that would make it more difficult for plaintiffs to win cases because they wouldn’t be able to prove harm caused by false claims against the government. If the Court decides that corporations can be held liable under the False Claims Act, then whistleblowers may continue suing them with success. However, if the Court sides with the United States in limiting these suits, then less fraud will be exposed.

In the case Polansky v. Executive Health Resources Inc., a doctor discovered that a hospital was allowing patient cases to be labeled as inpatient rather than outpatient, allowing the hospital to charge Medicare at higher rates. The doctor pursued the case, at which point the government said it would be dismissed, but then allowed it to proceed, but then once again changed their stance on it. There has been a lot of back and forth. Due to this, this case would show just how much power the government has in dismissing similar cases.

Why You Need a Whistleblower Attorney

When you report fraud, you become a whistleblower. And as a whistleblower, you need the help of a lawyer to protect your rights and ensure that your information is properly submitted to the government. After all, it’s not just about reporting the crime; it’s also about making sure that justice is served for both you and others who have been victimized by corporate greed. A whistleblower attorney can help with this process by compiling evidence (such as documents or videos) related to the alleged fraud; presenting arguments on your behalf to raise public awareness of illegal activities; advising whistleblowers on how best to communicate with company officials or federal investigators without putting themselves at risk; protecting whistleblowers from retaliation from employers who are engaging in fraudulent activity; and more.

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