There are many different ways people are discriminated against in the workplace. It is unfortunate that this happens, but it is crucial that you retain legal counsel immediately if you are faced with discrimination. An employment lawyer in Fairfax VA from May Law, LLP will be happy to set up a consultation to see if you might have a case. But first, let’s explore what a discrimination case looks like. 

Who Faces Discrimination in the Workplace

There are many different reasons people may face discrimination at their jobs. They may be discriminated against for their race, for their gender, or because of their sexual identity. People may also be discriminated against because of their age, their health, or disabilities. Basically, anything that makes someone in any way different than their coworkers can be a reason someone is discriminated against. 

Examples of Discrimination in the Workplace

Sadly, there are many different ways people can be discriminated against in the workplace. Some of these ways may be glaringly obvious, while others may be more subtle and difficult to notice. Some of the most common cases may include: 

  • A sudden decrease in wages or benefits
  • If you are passed up for a promotion that you would be qualified for time and time again
  • If you are given the least desirable hours or clients at your job
  • A denial in vacation time or time needed for medical recoveries or taking care of family members
  • Any kind of benefits that have been given to others but ignored for you
  • + More

The ways people are discriminated against can be seemingly endless. It simply is any kind of privilege that some employees are given, while others who are different from them are not. Experienced employment lawyers in Fairfax, Virginia will know what to look for and how to spot discrimination in the workplace. 

Why Is it Important to Hire a Lawyer?

The biggest reason you need to hire an employment lawyer Virginia residents trust to handle your discrimination case is that they are experienced in this field and know what kind of proof will be needed in court to show that discrimination was, in fact, occurring. It is crucial to have the right evidence and be able to make the right assessments in court. Your lawyer will have the experience dealing with discrimination in Virginia and know employment laws inside and out. This will be helpful in court, and if you are dealing with a settlement outside of court. You deserve to be compensated if you were in any way discriminated against at work. People should be judged only on the way they do their job — not on any of the factors that have to do with what they look like or where they are from. A good lawyer will help you every step of the way, and be able to give you advice on how to proceed. Don’t hesitate to contact one immediately if you feel that you are being discriminated against. It is important to document everything and file quickly so that you can put a stop to the discrimination right away.