Commercial landlord-tenant dispute lawyer Washington, D.C.

Commercial landlord-tenant dispute lawyer Washington, D.C.A Commercial landlord-tenant dispute lawyer Washington, D.C. residents rely on from Eric Siegel Law understands how much tension can build between tenant and landlord. We can help to resolve disputes for both commercial and residential landlords and their renters. We have experience handling disputes for all kinds of rental properties, including homes, apartments, shopping centers, offices, restaurants, and hotels. We are aware that whether you are the tenant or landlord in this dispute, things can and may escalate quickly. We strongly advise getting legal assistance early on, before the situation worsens.

The Stress of Real Estate Disputes

We fully understand how stressful and contentious real estate disputes can be. Property owners and tenants both want to hold each other accountable for their side of the contract. We approach every case ready to litigate and attend trial if needed. However, we will also take our client’s interests into consideration, as there may be a less cost and time-consuming way of arriving at a solution. We may suggest negotiation, mediation, or other non-aggressive strategies to influence a settlement. But, if needed, we are also not afraid to be firmly strategic and apply pressure so that the other party is held accountable for their part in the dispute.

Needs of Both Landlords and Tenants

Eric Siegel Law strives to resolve a wide range of landlord-tenant disputes. We are a team that is familiar with breach of contracts, lease disputes, failure to follow lease covenants, failure to pay rent, owner-occupancy evictions, nuisance actions, and failure to reasonably maintain property. It is the goal of a real estate litigation lawyer Washington, D.C. community members trust to reach a resolution for both parties soon as possible. 

Determining Lasting Resolutions

Every dispute between landlord and tenant is unique. It will be important during your consultation to have documentation and evidence that helps us perform a thorough evaluation of your case. If the negotiations are not productive, then mediation, arbitration, or litigation may be needed. The best way to learn more about what possible lasting resolutions may be for the issue is to speak with a member of our legal team today. 

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If you are looking for a law firm that provides quality and dependable legal counsel, then look no further. We can handle an array of issues related to real estate and hope that you turn to us during this difficult time. Call Eric Siegel Law today to talk with a Washington, D.C. Commercial landlord-tenant dispute lawyer now. 

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