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Disability Retaliation Lawyer in Bethesda MD

Disability Retaliation Lawyer in Bethesda MDDo you know what “disability retaliation” is? No? That is alright, we’re here to tell you exactly what it is. Disability retaliation is when an employer uses someone’s disability as a reason to threaten them. 

Some such threats may include:

Retaliation is often seen in cases where an employer does not understand the employee’s disability, and it makes them uncomfortable in some way. Or it is seen when an employee attempts to reach out about being discriminated against; and because of the Americans With Disabilities Act, discrimination is not something that is tolerated in the workplace—therefore, they want to ensure this employee fears for their job and will not report them.

If you need a disability retaliation lawyer Bethesda MD, because you have been harassed, discriminated against, or denied accommodations, reach out to Eric Siegel Law.

Eric Siegel Law has thirty years of combined experience across various fields of the law—from real estate to civil rights and discrimination. He has also been many other things, not just a lawyer—and all of that plays into how he treats his clients. He has been an investor, a trial attorney with the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, a non-profit veteran services organization lawyer, and more. Mr. Seigel does not only represent discrimination clients, but though civil rights is also something he is overly passionate about.

For example, say that Employee 1 is deaf and has requested an ASL interpreter for meetings. They don’t work with the public and are primarily dealing with stocking the store that they work at. When they go to the next store meeting, their accommodation—the interpreter—is not available to them. This means they can reach out to a higher-up, or even to the ADA, about not receiving their accommodation. As a result, the person managing Employee 1 may begin to threaten demotions, or change their work schedule without consulting them first, because Employee 1 reported that they did not receive a reasonable accommodation that they needed. This probably got the manager in trouble. So in turn, the manager wants to make Employee 1 regret going over their head, and ensure they won’t do it again.

This is sadly, extremely common. However, Eric Siegel Law has no tolerance for discrimination of any kind, and has the experience to stand beside you and ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve.

If you need a disability retaliation lawyer Bethesda MD, reach out to Mr. Siegel’s firm and talk with him. His open-door, honesty-first policy is a big win with his clients.


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