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Disabled Job Applicants Discriminating Lawyer Bethesda MD

Disabled Job Applicants Discriminating Lawyer Bethesda MDDisability discrimination is wildly rampant throughout the United States of America, despite the Americans with Disabilities Act being in place. It’s hard for the ADA to police what goes on in employees’ workplaces; so, employees must be informed and prepared to stand up to employers that discriminate against them for their disabilities.

This can be hard to do, especially if you’re afraid of losing your source of income, but with a good disabled job applicants discriminating lawyer Bethesda MD by your side, you stand a better chance of gaining the job position you applied and qualified for, or getting back lost wages.

Disability discrimination occurs when someone is treated wrongly in the workforce because they have a disability, or they may not be hired for a position based on their disability, or for having a history of a disability.

By law, employers are required to provide reasonable accommodation to job applicants and employees with a disability. The only time in which this can be overlooked is if providing the accommodation would cause hardship to the employer.

If you feel that you’ve been the victim of disability discrimination when applying for jobs, you can seek legal action. And if you choose to seek legal action against a company, you’re going to want a disabled job applicants discriminating lawyer in Bethesda MD who has experience, such as the lawyer available at Eric Siegel Law.

Eric Siegel has over thirty years of experience in various fields of the law, but his passion stands in disability rights and civil rights law. He often works with people who have never worked with an attorney before, so he is used to educating his clients on the processes they may experience for their case, what they can expect, and the legal process in general.

Mr. Siegel is here to give his clients a voice—to be their voice when they may not have the words—so that they can be empowered against the discrimination that they have faced. He aims to be transparent with his clients, so that they can trust him and believe in his honesty.

When it comes to discrimination, Mr. Siegel deals with a variety of discrimination scenarios; and has enough experience that you can safely choose to work with him. He’ll help you win your case, navigate the court system, and better understand your rights.

Some discriminations that he deals with as a lawyer are:

Eric Siegel is here for his clients, and he aims to make the world a better, safer place.



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