Real estate, particularly real estate investment, can get complicated. Everything from zoning and zoning variances through how the property in question is financed for both your purchase and your development is subject to a myriad of rules and laws. You need a lawyer who knows the local ropes to be sure all the details are covered to your satisfaction.

Can you give me an example of what you’re talking about?

Yes, there are several:

  •   If loan documents don’t address your issues, like the construction process, or include your equity partner if you have one, or the details of any partnership, there could be problems in the future.
  •   Problems occurring on the timing for construction need to be addressed before variation from the original plan happens.
  •   The local government might impose penalties if zoning rules and regulations are not followed. The right attorney will know how the local regulators approach these issues.
  •   There may also be local environmental issues that must be addressed in advance if the project is to proceed smoothly.
  •   Local rules and standards regarding design and architecture need to be known and adhered to or variances granted.
  •   The possibility of post construction problems like mold-causing leaks must be addressed.
  •   Disagreement between contractor, property owners, and property management firms are not unusual.
  •   Tenants of the property may have complaints.

These are just a few of the possible issues. Note they can occur anything from the purchase of the property through construction and on to post construction and even after a sale.

How do issues like these actually get solved?

It depends. In theory each can be resolved through negotiation. That often requires a skilled negotiator who is familiar with the issues, their possible ramification, and, of course, the rules and regulations involved. If negotiation doesn’t work lawsuits and/or enforcement of the law or both may ensue. In any case, a skilled and knowledgeable real estate litigation attorney can often help you avoid such issues in the first place and/or provide solid advice and help when it is required.

How long has Eric Segal been working in real estate litigation?

Eric has been active in both real estate investment and real estate litigation for over 30 years.  His firm has an excellent reputation and track record.

What you need is a local real estate litigation lawyer Washington, D.C. trusts, who is thoroughly familiar with both local regulations and understands how each law actually works in the local area. 

When it comes to real estate litigation, Eric Siegel Law is such a firm. They have been active in real estate deals for investors in Washington D.C. for more than three decades.  This is the kind of expertise you want and need.