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Age Discrimination Lawyers Washington, D.C.  Age Discrimination Lawyers Washington, D.C.

At Eric Siegel Law, our Age Discrimination Lawyers Washington, D.C. clients turn to for quality legal services understands how harmful discrimination can be. Unfortunately, many people are discriminated against in the workplace because of their age. It is illegal to not hire someone or mistreat them as an employee due to how old they are. An employer who violates the laws that protect workers may be subjected to fines, a tarnished reputation within the public, and have to pay compensation to an employee for the discrimination.

Our team is committed to seeking justice for people who have been wronged simply because they are a certain age. Age does not necessarily define someone’s ability to work, and every person deserves to be treated fairly and enjoy a positive working environment. Those who have been adversely treated, fired, or not hired because of their age, are encouraged to speak with us at Eric Siegel Law immediately for advice.

Discrimination and Adverse Action Based on Age

Similar to race and sexual orientation, age is something that is given to us from nature and is not a free choice. Discrimination of age makes the victim feel like they are not worth as much compared to others, simply because they were born at a different time. By definition, age discrimination is considered to be any stereotyping of people due to their age. However, the age group that tends to be discriminated against the most are people who are older.

A civil rights lawyer Washington, D.C. has experience representing cases alike to yours, where someone was treated unfairly and unlawfully because of the year they were born. Examples of age discrimination that often require help from a legal professional include: 

Termination that is targeted against older employees compared to younger workers is discrimination. Furthermore, employers that only offer benefits or training to young employees are considered discriminatory actions. Anyone who has experienced the above mistreatment or something similar, must get legal help right away so they can pursue justice for what happened. If you aren’t sure whether age discrimination was inflicted on you, we can perform an evaluation of your case and then advise next steps. 

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Incidents of age discrimination must be handled promptly and in a certain manner, so that the employee can receive the justice and compensation they deserve for having their rights violated. If you want to learn more, please contact Eric Siegel Law to talk with our compassionate and strategic Age Discrimination Lawyers in Washington, D.C.


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