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What Do I Do if My Small Business Is Party to a Contract that Has Been Breached?

Business Litigation Lawyer Washington DC There are few aspects of small business that aren’t affected by contracts. From signing contracts with Internet providers to suppliers, vendors to employees, contractors to customers, contracts are an integral part of almost every small business operation. Contracts are agreements (hopefully) made in good faith and unfortunately, agreements can fail.

Do Peaceful Protesters Have Rights Under the Law?

Civil Rights Litigation Lawyer Washington DC The courts have long recognized that even though certain rights have been extended to American citizens by the Constitution that these rights are not necessarily limitless. For example, the First Amendment of the Constitution reads that, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the

Where Slip and Fall Accidents Happen

ADA Litigation Lawyer State law protects people who have suffered a slip and fall accident due to the fault or negligence of a property owner. Slip and fall accidents are often overlooked in personal injury cases, but actually account for many of the devastating and painful injuries. Statistically, slip and fall incidents are the second

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