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Employment Disability Discrimination Lawyer Bethesda MD

Employment Disability Discrimination Lawyer Bethesda MDBecause of the Americans with Disabilities Act, otherwise known as the ADA, coupled with state and local laws that further protect employees and applicants who have disabilities from being discriminated against when entering into the workforce, a lot of people are aware of what types of discrimination are and how they’re illegal.

But what a lot of people—especially people that the ADA does not protect, because they don’t need it, are not aware that employment disability discrimination happens all the time—constantly; and goes unchecked because of how it happens.

First, let’s touch on who the ADA is for:

If you are an employee who has been discriminated against, reach out to an Employment Disability Discrimination Lawyer Bethesda MD such as the ones available at Eric Siegel Law. Eric Siegel has over 30 years of combined experience surrounding his legal knowledge, courtroom expertise and even has dealt with business and real estate. He’s been a lot of things—lawyer, landlord, owner, investor, and public-private partner, to knock off a few.

Mr. Siegel gives you his undivided attention when dealing with your case—your legal issues are not just about winning or losing your case; but also about keeping the good things in your life while fighting for your rights.

Some things that Eric Siegel Law covers:

So if you’ve been discriminated against in the workplace and are in need of an employment disability discrimination lawyer in Bethesda MD, seek out Eric Siegel and his legal team. They have the experience, the passion, and the drive to help you achieve your goal.

There are many things that may cause you to seek a lawyer for disability workplace discrimination, such as the employer refusing you reasonable accommodations, refusing to consider applicants with disabilities, requiring applicants to take a medical exam prior to receiving a job offer, and more. A good lawyer who is passionate about disability and civil rights can help you get the job you were applying for—or a job you lost because of discrimination. Furthermore, a lawyer in this field can help you figure out how to discuss accommodations and more during interviews. 

If you are looking for a highly rated attorney who can offer you a range of top-notch legal services, contact Eric Siegel Law today.


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