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Work termination based on disability Lawyer Bethesda MD

Work termination based on disability Lawyer Bethesda MDEric Siegel Law has thirty years of combined experience across various fields of the law—from real estate to civil rights and discrimination. He’s also been many other things, not just a lawyer—and all of that plays into how he treats his clients. He’s been an investor, a trial attorney with the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, a non-profit veteran services organization lawyer, and more. Mr. Seigel does not only represent discrimination clients, though civil rights is something he is overly passionate about.

If you need a work termination based on disability lawyer Bethesda MD, reach out to Mr. Siegel’s firm and talk with him. His open-door, honesty-first policy is a big win with his clients.

Understand the Laws of the Workplace

You mistreat someone who has a disability by treating them differently, usually harassing them or discriminating against them regarding their disability or a perceived disability. But understanding the laws that govern your workplace; both federally and locally, can help you to avoid unfair workplace treatment.

There are very many laws that are associated with the workplace and disability. Here are a few:

The Equality Act of 2010 states that employees can work in an environment where there is no bullying, rumor spreading, and where their promotions and opportunities are judged on merit and performance, not whether they’re popular.

The Americans With Disabilities Act is another law, it governs whether employers can discriminate against someone due to a disability, and it notes that all employees have the right to a disability-friendly workplace.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act tells workplaces that they cannot refuse to hire someone who is qualified for the job, because they’re over the age of forty.

Common Wrongful Termination Claims

Knowing whether you were fired because of your disability can be hard, but reaching out to a work termination based on disability lawyer in Bethesda MD such as Eric Siegel, can offer answers. Mr. Siegel has a lot of experience dealing with discrimination in all forms and knows how to recognize discrimination.

  1. The most common forms of disability discrimination in workplace termination are:
  2. When you were fired shortly after you revealed you had a disability.
  3. When you were fired for requesting reasonable accommodation; or shortly after doing so.
  4. Your manager or another employer made comments about your disability and assumed that you could not do the job because you had your disability.
  5. Your employer denied and ignored your request for reasonable accommodations.
  6. Your employer treated you very differently from other employees, such as denying requests for time off related to your disability.
  7. You were fired because your employer did not give you time off from work due to your disability.
  8. You were forced to quit because your employer did not give you time off work due to your disability.
  9. Your employer fired you based on stereotypes about your disability.

If you need a work termination based on disability lawyer Bethesda MD, because you have been fired due to your disability, reach out to Eric Siegel Law. With so much experience dealing with various forms of discrimination, Mr. Siegel has your back. 



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