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Medical Leave Termination Lawyer Bethesda MD

Medical Leave Termination Lawyer Bethesda MDHave you recently lost your job? Well, most states are “employees work at will” states, which means you can be fired at any time, for no reason at all—or for any reason at all. There is nothing really stopping employers from letting an employee go, aside from the fact they want to do so.

But there are some exceptions to the at-will rule.

Some such exceptions are:

And of course, discrimination can affect whether an employee is fired or not—well, discrimination is why you may want to seek a lawyer such as the lawyers at Eric Siegel Law. Eric Siegel Law has thirty years of combined experience across various fields of the law—from real estate to civil rights and discrimination. He has also been many other things, not just a lawyer—and all of that plays into how he treats his clients. He has been an investor, a trial attorney with the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, a non-profit veteran services organization lawyer, and more. Mr. Seigel does not only represent discrimination clients but though civil rights are also something he is overly passionate about.

If you need a medical leave termination lawyer Bethesda MD, reach out to Mr. Siegel’s firm and talk with him. His open-door, honesty-first policy is a big win with his clients.

Those earlier exceptions addressed can also play into being fired for discriminatory purposes—whether that’s because you went on medical leave, have children and go on parental leave, or have a disability and require accommodations (sometimes leave is accommodation of certain disabilities). Say you have an employment contract and your employer fires you after you have something happen that requires you to stay home with an injury that’s being treated—meaning you take medical leave.

If you can prove this is discriminatory, and you can with Eric Siegel at your side, you may receive your job back, or a settlement that amounts to the lost wages you’ve experienced since being fired. A good lawyer is a difference between knowing what you’re worth and getting what you’re worth.

Eric Siegel Law firm cares about their clients, and with the expertise provided by Mr. Siegel, you’re sure to find your case will end satisfactorily for you. Mr. Siegel wants the best for his clients, and that means he wants to win your cases. 

If you need a medical leave termination lawyer Bethesda MD, because you have been harassed, discriminated against, or denied accommodations, reach out to Eric Siegel Law. He’ll use his expertise to do what is best for you.



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