Disability Accommodation Failure Lawyer in Bethesda MD

Disability Accommodation Failure Lawyer in Bethesda MDPeople who have disabilities often experience barriers, and this can make getting hired at jobs that they’re qualified for hard. But… did you know the hiring process is only one area that often sees discrimination? Sometimes, an employer will hire someone with a disability and then refuse to accommodate their disability so that they may perform their job just like everyone else.

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 along with the Americans with Disabilities Act states that employers have to provide reasonable accommodations, enabling individuals who have disabilities to compete for the job, access the workplace, and perform the functions of the job, while also enjoying the privileges of the job.

Some examples of common, everyday accommodations that a workplace may have are:

Eric Siegel Law has thirty years of combined experience across various fields of the law—from real estate to civil rights and discrimination. He has also been many other things, not just a lawyer—and all of that plays into how he treats his clients. He has been an investor, a trial attorney with the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, a non-profit veteran services organization lawyer, and more. Mr. Seigel does not only represent discrimination clients but though civil rights is also something he is overly passionate about.

If you need a disability accommodation failure lawyer Bethesda MD, reach out to Mr. Siegel’s firm and talk with him. His open-door, honesty-first policy is a big win with his clients. Let Eric Siegel use his experience and knowledge to help you fight the company that refused your disability accommodations. You want to make sure you are getting what you need—and you do not need unnecessary stress. 

A lot of people are afraid to ask for accommodations in the hiring process, because they’re afraid they won’t get the job. This is a valid fear, and oftentimes people wait to mention their disability until they’ve signed paperwork and are legally hired. It makes it harder for the employer to fire them. But that does not mean they’ll get the accommodations that they need—it’s important to write down your accommodation request, or even get a physician to help you write your request out.

If you need a disability accommodation failure lawyer Bethesda MD, reach out to Eric Siegel Law. He’s seen it all before, and if he hasn’t, that won’t stop him from putting his best foot forward to help you receive the care you deserve.



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