Signs You Need to Hire a Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

If you’re about to sell or purchase property, you may wonder if you need to hire a real estate litigation lawyer or not. These transactions can include many complexities, so sometimes it’s in your best interest to have this legal professional on your side. Here are several signs that you need to hire a lawyer.

You Have to Draft a Real Estate Contract

Contracts involving real estate can be quite complicated. These documents may include leases, real estate transactions and sales negotiations and have complex language that not everyone will understand. That’s why it’s helpful to work with an experienced real estate lawyer. He or she can draft these contracts for you and ensure that they state what you want them to state.

You Want to Negotiate a Sale

Real estate transactions often involve a lot of negotiating. If you don’t have any experience negotiating, however, this can be quite tricky and you might not achieve the results you need. In this situation, it may be in your best interest to hire an experienced real estate lawyer to handle negotiations on your behalf. He or she may be able to help you get a better deal.

You’re Dealing with a Contract Dispute

Contract disputes are quite common in real estate transactions. Even detailed contracts can have issues. Whether you’re being accused of breaking a contract or the other party is refusing to hold up their end of the deal, it may be time to get a real estate litigation lawyer involved. He or she can advise you on the best course of action.

You Want to Evict a Tenant

If you have a rental property, there may come a time when you have to evict a tenant. Whether it’s due to non payment of rent or a lease violation, removing a tenant from your property may be complex. This is why you may want to obtain legal advice from a real estate lawyer. He or she can help you legally evict a tenant so that you don’t face repercussions in the future.

You Have a Complicated Real Estate Transaction

Some real estate transactions are fairly simple while others involve many complexities. If you’re currently dealing with a complicated real estate transaction, you may want to get a real estate lawyer involved. He or she will look out for your best interests and give you solid advice.

If you need assistance with your real estate transaction, contact a real estate litigation lawyer, like one from Eric Siegel Law.