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ADAAA Lawyer Bethesda MD

ADAAA Lawyer Bethesda MDThe ADAAA, or the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, is a civil rights law that Congress passed in 1990. This act was amended in 2008, and the amendment became effective in 2009. The ADAAA protects people who have disabilities from discrimination in the workplace, school, and other settings.

Who Is Eligible for the ADAAA?

There is no specific mention of who is eligible, outside of these things:

But just what does the law define as “major life activities”? Reading, thinking, concentrating, and learning are major life activities. This law is seen a lot of the time in schools, because schools have to have a broader interpretation of disabilities, and there is no specific coverage in the ADA or ADAAA that talks about learning disabilities. However, if someone is a student and they are eligible for services provided by the Individual with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (otherwise known as IDEA), then they most likely qualify for protection under the ADAAA.

The ADAAA does not, in any way, provide funding for accommodations. It simply mandates what is considered discrimination and what isn’t.

Because the ADAAA has had so many recent changes, if you need to file with an attorney, you’re going to want an ADAAA lawyer in Bethesda MD that has experience—like Eric Siegel from Eric Siegel Law. Mr. Siegel has thirty years of experience, and is passionate about the types of discrimination that he covers as a lawyer.

Not only is Eric Siegel passionate about the law, but he’s passionate about educating his clients so that they can better advocate for themselves in the future. He has an honesty first policy with his clients and teaches them the legal processes that they will be going through if they’ve never worked with an ADAAA Lawyer Bethesda MD offers before.

Mr. Siegel encourages anyone in the Bethesda MD area who feels that they have been discriminated against to make a choice. Do you wish to be treated unlawfully, or do you want to do something about it? With his thirty years as a lawyer, and his lengthy experience as a civil rights lawyer, he has dealt with just about everything under the sun, as far as rights can go.

Just a few things that Eric Siegel has dealt with and continues to be passionate about:

If you are looking for a highly rated attorney who can offer you a range of top-notch legal services, contact Eric Siegel Law today.


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