Disability Discrimination Lawyers Washington, D.C. Disability Discrimination Lawyers Washington, D.C.

As your Disability discrimination Lawyers Washington, D.C. clients can depend on as Eric Siegel Law may tell you, employers are prohibited from treating applicants or employees adversely because of their disabilities. Federal law necessitates that reasonable accommodations be offered to those who need it, so an employee can perform their job tasks. But, despite these laws, many workers still endure unfair treatment because of a disability. The discrimination may be obvious or subtle, so if you are not sure whether discrimination has happened to you, we recommend contacting us for help right away. 

We understand it can be intimidating to consult with a lawyer about a potential lawsuit, especially if you enjoy your job and don’t want to cause further tensions. However, it is imperative that you put your rights first and hold people accountable for unfair actions against others. 

Harassment in the Workplace

Harassment can take on many forms, and the intention is often to make the employee with a disability feel offended or embarassed. By not protecting a disabled employoee from such treatment, an employer may be held responsible through legal action. Based on the law, disabled workers are safeguarded from harassment by their bosses, customers, and co-workers. It is the role of an employer to see to it that their workplace doesn’t turn into a hostile working environment. If you have experienced any of the following because of your disability, we urge you to contact a discrimination lawyer Washington, D.C. residents can rely on immediately: 

Overlooked for Raises and Other Opportunities

A disability does not mean that an employee doesn’t want to work hard towards promotional opportunities and raises within the company. Employers must foster the strong work ethics in every employee, regardless of a disability or not. If your employer refuses to give you a deserved promotion or wage increase because of your disability, they are breaking the law and intervention from a qualified attorney is often needed. If you believe you may have a discrimination case, we can perform a case assessment and inform you of your options. 

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Every person deserves to be treated fairly, no matter their disability or other characteristic. Employers may be committing workplace discrimination knowingly, or unknowingly. Sometimes people operate from a subconscious place, where they don’t realize what they are doing. You can trust that we can bring the issue to your employer’s awareness and ensure that you are given the compensation and justice you deserve for the mistreatment. For more information about how we can help, please call Eric Siegel Law today for help from our dedicated Washington, DC Disability discrimination Lawyers.

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