Discrimination Lawyer Washington, D.C.

Discrimination Lawyer Washington, D.C.

If you suspect that your employer may have devalued your compensation rate (either intentionally or unintentionally) as a result of your gender, it’s important to speak with a discrimination lawyer Washington, D.C. area residents trust – and to do so even if you’re unsure of whether you have grounds for legal action against your employer.

Identifying pay inequity is often very challenging. Most of the time, co-workers are “kept in the dark” regarding the compensation rates and benefits packages afforded their colleagues. It is therefore difficult to compare and contrast one’s own compensation and benefits with those granted to others within the same company. As a result, many pay equity cases understandably begin when an employee voices concerns and suspicions to an experienced Washington, D.C. discrimination lawyer, even though they’re not yet sure if they have grounds for legal action.

The Equal Pay Act

Over 50 years ago, President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act of 1963 into law. This legislation made it illegal for employers to engage in wage-based discriminatory conduct based on gender. However, more than 50 years after this law was passed, the gender pay gap remains significant. According to the 2020 report published by PayScale.com, women still only make $0.81 for every $1.00 earned by men. Wage-based discrimination remains a real and consequential force in the American workplace, even though it is far less obvious than it once was. Your employer may not proudly proclaim that they pay you less than your male colleagues, but it is certainly possible that you’re experiencing illegal pay inequity challenges regardless.

The Equal Pay Act is not the only law that governs pay-related discrimination. If you have grounds to file legal action against your employer, we may argue that your situation stands in violation of numerous laws. However, understanding the basics of the Equal Pay Act will help to clarify the kinds of foundational claims we’ll likely need to make to argue your case successfully. Under the Equal Pay Act, an employer may be held liable for illegal pay discrimination if it can be proven that a man and woman working for the same employer and substantially engaging in the same job are receiving unequal pay. The man and woman do not need to have the same job title or description for this standard to be upheld in favor of the aggrieved.

FLSA Legal Guidance Is Available

If you’re concerned that you’re being unjustly compensated as a result of your gender, please connect with the experienced legal team at Eric Siegel Law today. Our firm is proud to fight for the rights of workers and we’ll be honored to advise you of your legal options once we learn more about the details of your unique situation. Even if you’re unsure of whether your compensation and benefits package violates the Equal Pay Act, it’s important to speak with an experienced Washington, D.C. discrimination lawyer instead of making assumptions about your case; we look forward to speaking with you.  

Signs You’re Being Discriminated Against at Work

Although workplace discrimination is on the decline, it still occurs sometimes. It’s important to know when you’re being discriminated against and contact a discrimination lawyer in Washington, D.C. promptly. Here are a few signs that you’re experiencing discrimination.


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