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Workplace Race Discrimination Lawyers Washington DC Workplace Race Discrimination Lawyers Washington DC

At Eric Siegel Law, our Workplace Race Discrimination Lawyers Washington DC community members trust knows that we have come a long way in racial equality. However, despite many people saying race is no longer an issue anymore, many people still face adverse action in the workplace simply for the color of their skin or nationality. Sadly, this kind of discrimination is way more prevalent in today’s world that we think. And for us to move forward, it is vital that those who faced racial discrimination hold the offenders accountable for their actions.

If you, a family member, or friend have recently faced what seems to be racial discrimination in the workplace, we urge you to get legal help right away. You can trust that we have your best of interest in mind at all times, and are not afraid to intervene so that your employer doesn’t get away with discriminating against you. 

Racial Discrimination Defined

Essentially, if any person is treated in a different way for the worse due to their race or color, it is considered workplace racial discrimination. This form of mistreatment can be tricky to identify. Many people who are perpetuating this discrimination may subconsciously be doing it, or have taken steps to make it seem like the treatment you received was due to other reasons. Racial discrimination is illegal, and an employment discrimination lawyer Washington, D.C. residents trust at Eric Siegel Law is ready to jump in to protect you.

Why Discrimination Goes Unreported

There are a couple reasons as to why discrimination in the workplace, particularly that of race, goes unreported in the workplace. Most people are afraid to cause further tensions with their employer, and may decide that taking action is more work than simply letting it go. Or, an employer has become so strategic in their actions that employees don’t realize when it has happened to them. The best thing we can do is continue to raise awareness about workplace race discrimination, and inform residents in our community and beyond about their rights.

Here are common signs that an employee has likely experienced race discrimination:

If you need help regarding a possible racial discrimination situation at your workplace, please call our Washington, DC Workplace Race Discrimination Lawyers at Eric Siegel Law as soon as possible. 


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