Employment Discrimination Lawyer Washington, DC  Employment Discrimination Lawyer Washington, DC

An employment discrimination lawyer in Washington, D.C. from Eric Siegel Law knows that when it comes to employment retaliation, discrimination, and harassment, prevention is the best strategy. Employees who are harmed because of an action or statement taken against them due to their age, race, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristics, may be due compensation for what they have been through. If you are dealing with the situation in the workplace that you believe qualifies as discrimination, we strongly advise contacting our Law Firm right now for assistance.

What Are Red Flags of a Hostile Working Environment?

If you are currently job hunting, you  may want to keep a lookout for signs that may indicate a hostile  or discriminatory workplace environment.  sometimes, we may not be sure whether what we have seen or experienced constitutes as discrimination, so it’s important to consult with a reputable lawyer that is familiar with this area of law.  Red flags that could mean your workplace operates with a less-than-ideal moral compass are listed as follows:

Poorly maintained or sloppy office/workplace premises.

As they say, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. If your potential employment workspace is messy, has slippery floors, litter is everywhere, or even a bad smell to it, trust your instincts and find a job elsewhere! If you are already employed and are concerned about what you are witnessing, contact a Washington, DC employment discrimination lawyer immediately.

Anxious, chaotic, or depressed feeling in the air.

Take a moment to observe your potential co-workers, do they seem to be in a good mood or a bad one? If you observe a general discontent in the workplace, then don’t shrug this off. Obviously, everyone has their good and bad days, which is particularly true for highly functional or busy offices. However, the mood of a business can provide you with insight into its managerial practices.

The business has received numerous public complaints.

It’s good to keep in mind that not every story you hear or news article you read is going to be true. But, if you notice a pattern among complaints, especially if they relate to the management staff or how the business is run, pay attention to this.

Your boss is demanding even during the interview process.

If you are interviewing for a job with a potential superior, and that individual starts treating you as if you are already their subordinate and with disrespect, this could indicate what your future dynamic with this person could be. While you cannot guarantee that someone friendly during an interview is going to be the same once you join the team, the rudeness may give you a sneak peek into the kind of environment you will have to work in.

What Should I Do Now?

The team at Eric Siegel Law is experienced in representing victims of employment discrimination. Over a consultation, we can assess whether discrimination has happened to you and what your options are moving forward.  Don’t hesitate to call a lawyer for employment discrimination in Washington, D.C. now to have your questions and concerns addressed. 

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